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We are a publishing house specializing an animal bree-
ding, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine for hor-
ses, dogs and cats.

We supply books, journals an publications from scientific
libraries around the world.

We shall be pleased to keep you informed and advise you
on all topics in this field


Our current bestseller

Klaus Dieter Kammerer
The Error of the Millenium in Veterinary Medicine
Compendium with 165 pages, 30 illustrations, 3 tables and
230 references
2nd edition, © 2002, ISBN 9807236-0-7, 27.50€.
As it is out-of-print, it is delivered on CD-Rom in various for
(PDF, Word), 27.50€.

New release for Spring 2007

Klaus Dieter Kammerer
The Petfood Thriller
Non-fictional thriller with 150 pages, 55 illustrations and 5 tables.
1st edition, © 2006, ISBN 3-9807236-5-8, 12.50€.
Subscription price 7.50€ when ordered before 3
Delivered on CD-Rom in various formats (PDF, Word).


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